Malloom Points & Coupons

Points FAQS

1.How can I get Malloom points?

  • • Register---Once you have registered at, you can earn 50 Malloom points. When you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for money.
  • • Purchase Products---Once you have submitted the order and paid, you will receive Malloom points which equal to your amount of money. There is 1 point rewarded for $1, and the rest part will not be calculated. (10.99 USD=10 points)
  • • Write Reviews---After you purchased in Malloom, you can write a review online. As long as your review is verified and approved, you can get 10 Malloom points.
  • • Create Collections---You can earn 20 points by creating a collection containing at least 5 products.
  • • Collection Ranking Reward---A good collection can attract other users' attention and hits. According to the monthly hits ranking of all the collections created by Malloom users, the top 3 can get 500, 300 and 100 points rewarded respectively.

2.Where can I check my points?

  • In the Reward Points of My Account, you can check your points in total and in details anytime.

How do I spend points at the checkout?

  • During the checkout process there is the option to choose in the specified place shown below: click apply and the money rebates will be deducted from the total.
  • Points can be applied at the minimum100 points (100 points= $ 1.00). In other words,the points you applied must be the multiple of 100. For example, if you wanna buy something price $2.4, you can choose to pay with 200 points plus another $0.4, but you cannot pay with 300 points.

4. Do Malloom points expire?

  • No. All points will not expire and you can use them permanently.

5.Whether the points and coupon can be used together?

  • Yes. The points and coupon can be used at the same time

6.Whether the use of points is limited to a certain range of products?

7. What happens to my Rewards when I return items for a refund?

  • Once you issue a refund for items, the points earned for that purchase will be deducted from your Reward Points.

8.Why have my points not been updated?

  • You will receive Malloom points within 24 hours after your actions (eg. reviews, publishing products) via different ways stated in "How can I get Malloom points".Generally, a member ID could write only one review per product or service. Occasionally, it will take some time to update your points. Please contact us via Live Chat or email if any questions about your point's total.

Coupon FAQS

1.How can I use my coupons?

2.How do I get more coupons?

  • (1) If you're a new user on malloom, you could enjoy 90% discount on your first order;
  • (2) If your order total > $49, we'll offer you a direct reduction of $10 per order;
  • (3) We have a regular campaign "Guess a Coupon", if guessing right, you will get a very valuable cash coupon.
    Event link:
  • (4) If you like Malloom official Facebook page, then take a photo and send us a private message, you could get 1$ cash coupons;
    Link address:
  • (5) If you share malloom to your friends, you will get coupon refund. These coupons will be used automatically in your next order. Besides, your friend click the refer link to enter malloom, s/he will save 10% off. For specific rules, please refer to this link: friends
  • (6) Every two week, we cast some newsletter subscriber-exclusive coupons, which offer more discounts, now subscribe our newsletter to know the updates.

3.Can I use coupons for drop shipping orders?

  • Yes, any coupon on Malloom is suitable for drop shipping orders. If you are very interested in our coupons, it is advisable for you to subscribe newsletter from Malloom, which can help you get coupons updated timely and periodically.

4.Why doesn't my coupon work?

  • There are many reasons for your coupon unavailable.Commonly, maybe the coupon is
    Used already;
    Limited to the number of its use;
    Input incorrectly.
    If the problem persists after you verify that your coupon is available, please contact us immediately via Live Chat or Customer Service, and we will solve it as soon as possible.

5. How long is the coupon valid?

  • Generally speaking, coupons on malloom are divided into two types based on the uniqueness of coupon code: exclusive and common.
    Exclusive coupon:
    For each account, each coupon could be used only once. Although you may temporarily collect them into your account, there is a period of validity in most coupons. Thus, we strongly recommend you to use it before expiration.
    Common coupon:
    Coupon could be used repeatedly only if service conditions are required. Common coupon will be set at the maximum number of users and comparatively shorter validity, you'd better use it as soon as possible.

6. Could I use two coupons or more for one order at the same time?

  • Discounts and coupons cannot be used in conjunction with each other commonly. If multiple discounts are applicable, we suggest that the most valuable and upcoming expiring coupon should be the first to use.

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