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How can I trace my order?

There are different conditions according to the shipping method which you choose. There are three conditions:

(1) Free Shipping

  • If you really worry about your order, you can contact us via Live Chat or Customer Service.

(2) Air Mail with Tracking

  • When your order is shipped, you will receive the massage with the tracking number. And you can use the number to check about your order in the website as follows:


(3) DHL

  • When your order is shipped, you will receive the email with the track number, and you can use the number to check your order on the following website:


How do I get my order status?

You can find out your order status in “My Order” page in your Malloom account.

Items are missed from my order, what should I do?

When you receive your parcel, you find your some items missed. There are some possible reasons:
 Order Split Shipped: You can contact Customer Service to check your order whether it has been split shipped or not.
 Malloom Made a Mistake: On rare occasions an item may be missed during package
 Parcel Damaged or Items Removed:The package seems modified or damaged and items may fall out
If you have any other problem, you can contact our Customer Service and we will try our best to help you.

Item is not as described (incorrect item, damaged item)

If the items received are not the one you ordered or not as described as well as the damaged item during shipping, please contact our Customer Service. And when you email to us you’d better attach the photo of what has arrived to you. We will help you solve the problem in accordance with the specific condition.

Why was my order partially shipped?

There are three reasons for your order partially shipped:

  • (1) We have different warehouses, so we will not combine them together and will ship from the correct warehouse separately.
  • (2) The items are overweight and need to be shipped in different packages.
  • (3) The item is out of shelf or stock for a long while, so we may ship the rest to you first. Usually for this condition, we will send email to you.

Please check your email and let us know you would like to exchange another item or get the refund.

Why is my order still in the processing stage several days after payment?

If your order is still in the processing stage 72 hours after payment, it means that some items in your order are out of stock. We usually need 2-5days to restock these items. If you are still concerned with your order, please contact us via Live Chat or Customer Service.

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