20% off for all products under subcategory “Jewelry”

20% off for all products under subcategory “Jewelry”

Coupon code:JEWELRY201507

Coupon code: JEWELRY201507

20% off for all products under subcategory “Jewelry”


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Early Jewelry Function & Design

Early Jewelry Function & Design

The first jewelry was made from readily available natural materials including animal teeth, bone, various types of shells, carved stone and wood. It is believed that jewelry started out as a functional item used to fasten articles of clothing together, and was later adapted for use as an object for purely aesthetic ornamentation, or for use as a spiritual and religious symbol.

The first gemstones were probably "gathered" in much the same manner as was food. It is likely that gems were found inadvertently at first, maybe while searching for food by picking through gem-bearing alluvial gravels in a dry river-bead. What must these primitive humans have thought of these dazzeling, yet seemingly useless objects — harder than any other naturally-occurring material, and capturing/possessing the warmth of fire, the brilliance of the sun, or the blueness of the sea and sky.

As mankind progressed, jewelry was used as a symbol of wealth and status, as well as to protect against harm, ward of evil, and heal ailments. Jewelry was used by early man to adorn nearly every part of the human body, and has been made out of almost every natural material known to mankind.

Prolific jewelry making began with the ancestors of Homo Sapiens. Over 40,000 years ago the Cro-Magnons (c. 45,000 BC—10,000 BC) began to migrate from the cradle of civilization in central Africa to the Middle East, the Indus Valley, and to the continent of Europe. As these early humans traveled the land they collected objects of curiosity, fashioning them into jewelry which would tell the story of their journey.

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